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Search engines for non-subvented self-financed rehabilitation services 

OneClick (by HKU Faculty of Medicine)

Special Needs Groups Task Force

Assessment and mainstream therapies

Boys' and Girls' Club Association of Hong Kong SEN Services

Child Development Centre

Happy Learning and Assessment Centre (Kwun Tong Methodist Church) (Chinese only)

Heep Hong Society Supportive Learning Project

Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children

Project Bridge for Children's Development (by Hong Kong Christian Service)

Po Leung Kuk Child Development Centre

Rainbow Project

SAHK Child Development Services

​The Pathways Foundation


Counselling (for parents and caregivers)

Asian Academy of Family Therapy

Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service

Caritas Family Service

Hong Kong Christian Service

Hong Kong Family Welfare Society

St. John's Cathedral Counselling Service

Teaching clinics of major universities

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Optometry Clinic

Professional Practice and Assessment Centre - Counselling Net

Rehabilitation Clinic (Occupational Therapy - Child Development Services)

Speech Therapy Unit

University of Hong Kong

Brain and Emotional Health Clinic

Counselling Unit

Institute for Advanced Dentistry

Psychological Services Unit

Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

CUHK Eye Centre

Speech Therapy Specialty Clinic

We have only listed NGOs that provide non-subvented self-financed services and teaching clinics of major universities on this page to avoid possible conflict of interest. You are encouraged to find out more about private services and individual practitioners in our closed Facebook and/or Google Groups.

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