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SNNHK Public Service Navigator


Please email us at if you would like to receive a document containing and overview of public services available to families of children with special needs and disabilities in Hong Kong.

Search engines for both public and non-subvented self-financed rehabilitation services 


OneClick (by HKU Faculty of Medicine)

The place to start your search for services in Hong Kong: a one-stop cross-sector information network for children with special needs, and their parents, carers and related professionals. Local + integrated global search engine.


Special Needs Groups Task Force

Social Resources page shows pathways for seeking assessment and diagnosis, and accessing services as well as a search engine for services.

Related articles 

Overview of Existing Services for English Speaking Children (prepared by Watchdog) 

Early Intervention

Child Assessment Service

Central Referral System for Rehabilitation Services (CRSRehab) 


Major NGOs providing pre-school rehabilitation services (via CRSRehab)


Child Development Centre

Heep Hong Society



Education (school-age)

Integrated Education and Special Education Information Online (Education Bureau)


Care Card for Mentally Incapacitated Persons

Community Legal Information Centre

Guardianship Board


Private and public medical services listings  


Integrated Family Services (Social Welfare Department)

Disability Allowance 

Medical Assessment Form (must be filled out by a public hospital doctor to support the application for disability allowance)

Registration Card for Persons with Disabilities

Parking Certificate for Drivers who Carry People with Disabilities 

Concessionary Travel in Hong Kong

MTR: Customers with Special Needs Booklet

Special Needs Trust

Special Needs Trust – Social Welfare Department Briefing

Document download


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