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SNN Shares: Public Service Navigator

14 January 2020, Bird & Bird offices, Pacific Place

SNN Shares: Public Services Navigator ran for the second time on 14 January 2020. While some of the attendees were new to Hong Kong, others were new to their child’s diagnosis. All of us were there to learn and share. We also welcomed professionals to the event, looking to assist them when they engage with families to help them feel more supported and less overwhelmed when looking at service provision.

The Hong Kong government has been allocating lots of resources to support persons with disabilities and their families. That being said, the system is not always easy to navigate. There are several different government departments and bureaus involved. Parents and caregivers, while still dazed by the day-to-day challenges associated with caring for a child with special needs or disabilities, may find it difficult to find their way through the system. As a result, families sometimes miss out on entitlements simply because they are exhausted or confused.

At SNNHK, we hope to help guide parents through the maze. At the talk we shared factual information about the services and entitlements available, along with real life experiences of going through the process and the road bumps encountered on the way. We were glad to see participants actively sharing their opinions and own experiences during an open discussion.

We realize it might be difficult for some of our members to make it to an evening event, which may be far away from home. If you have questions regarding the public service system in Hong Kong, please raise it in the SNNHK Facebook group with #psnavigator, post it on our Google group or email us at We will try our best to provide pointers.

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