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Laughter Yoga by Erin & Cruzanne Macalligan

24 September 2019, Cafe 8

It is always difficult to step outside of your comfort zone, and if you’ve never done laughter yoga before, it can be well… a big step! Erin and I decided to become laughter yoga instructors on a whim one summer, not knowing where that journey would take us. Just a year later, I was 8 months pregnant with our baby girl, Novah, who we were repeatedly told may not survive birth, and ho-ho-ho-ha-ha-ha-ing around a community hall with 100 strangers in New Zealand for World Laughter Day. We believe that laughter went a long way to bringing our baby girl into this world safely, and it’s thanks to her being who she is, that we are fortunate enough to have joined the warm and welcoming SNNHK community. We were thrilled to have 10 parents join us for the first SNNHK Laughter Yoga session on the 24th September at Café 8 in Central and so proud to see that even with spectators (!) everyone let their guard down enough to relax, be a bit silly, shake off some stress

Erin & Cruzanne Macalligan

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