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SNN Shares: Balancing Academic Progress and School Options with Trisha Tran

21 May 2019, Skadden, Central

Schooling of SEN children is a perennial topic on our social media platforms. The SNNHK Committee was proud to host the second SNN Shares event of the year to cater to this very topic. Trisha Tran, an SNNHK parent, delivered a very informative presentation and shared her valuable experience during the event.  

The presentation gave the audience an idea of the landscape of schools providing SEN support in Hong Kong. Trisha explained the disparity in certain private schools’ apparently welcoming attitude to SEN children, while practically the schools may not be able to provide an adequate level of support. As a comparison, public schools are well funded by the government and the level of support may actually be better. Therefore, it is very important for parents and caregivers to visit schools, and talk to teachers and staff, as well as parents of children already at the schools, while they consider their own situation and their child’s specific education needs. In doing so, a more comprehensive view can be formed about certain schools, and ultimately should allow parents and caregivers to be better informed when make schooling decisions for their child.

Trisha shared her journey with her own daughter and SNNHK Volunteer Amy Fernando was also invited to talk about her experience with her son’s school. In doing so, Trisha highlighted the importance of building close relationships with teachers and therapists at the child’s school and advocating for the child. While most schools will do their best to support children with SEN, it is up to parents and caregivers to work with the school to come up with an individualized plan that is tailored to serve the specific needs of the child.

During the question and answer session, both school-specific questions and SEN-related questions were raised. Trisha shared her perspective and examples while other participants also contributed to the conversation. Both the SNNHK Committee and Trisha were happy to see the rapport between participants, and encouraged further connection among parents through SNNHK’s network. 

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